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  • BRR911-Party Look Rough Gemstone Gold Plated Brass Handmade Ring
4 in Stock
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  • BRR912-Handmade Gold Plated Brass Natural Rough Gemstone Rings
5 in Stock
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  • BRR913-Gorgeous Natural Rough Stone Made In Brass Wholesale Ring
5 in Stock
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  • BRR919-Natural Rough Gemstones With Gold Plated Brass Rings
3 in Stock
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  • PSB932-Plain Setting Brass Natural Blue Fire Labradorite Party Wear Pendant
10 in Stock
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  • PSB933-Natural Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone Plain Setting Brass Big Pendant
10 in Stock
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  • PSB934-Gorgeous Dichroic Glass Gemstone Made In Brass Pendant
11 in Stock
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  • PSB935-Natural Rainbow Moonstone Brass Plain Setting Pendant
14 in Stock
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  • BCP982-Charming Gemstone Banded Onyx Designer Pendants With Brass Alloy
6 in Stock
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  • BCP983-Beautiful Rough  Gemstone Designer Wholesale Pendants
3 in Stock
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  • BCP986-Stunning Design Gemstone Indian Wholesale Handemade Brass
2 in Stock
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  • BCP988-Glamorous Designs Gemstones Dechoric Glass Brass Pendent
9 in Stock
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  • STD994- 6 mm Natural gems Stud Earrings with Rose gold over Bras
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  • WMN998- Alternative Fashion white metal Necklace wholesale
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  • BJS952-Latest Fashion Designer Earrings Collection with gold pla
41 in Stock
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  • BJS951- Modern fashion gold plated earrings Brass wholesale
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  • BSP995- Concave cut Hydro quartz gems Brass Pendants
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  • BCP999-Beautiful Jewelry of Brass Flowers
30 in Stock
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  • BN972- Fabulous fashion style handmade Bangles
30 in Stock
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Buy Online Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from India in Brass, Metal and rough and raw gemstones. Direct Manufacturer factory, Best Online Jewelry Store.

Welcome to Brass Avenue. Best Online Store of Wholesale Brass Jewelry with gemstones. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from India in Brass and Metal . We make Unique and designer gemstone costume jewelry from Jaipur. Brass Avenue is popular worldwide for handcrafted semiprecious stone studded Brass jewellery in wholesale quantities. This is a wholesale only website.

Manufacturer of Rough Gemstone Jewelry, India- Fashion Costume & Imitation Jewelry from Jaipur

Manufacturing of Gemstone Jewelry is so popular and unique craft throughout in various parts of the world for over a thousand years. By the time generation to generation, new technology has been developed in many different countries including India.

Indian Jewelry also moves into fascinated and attractive Jewelry designs which seem to more. The width and amplitude of India have a vibrant history and culture. The significance of these diverse cultures is seen in the jewelry designs also.

Also, you can find fashion costume and Imitation Jewelry that some unique metals Silver, Brass and German Silver and Gemstones like Rainbow moonstone, drop pearls, Amethyst, Citrine, Kyanite, Tanzanite and a wide range of precious and semi-precious jewels to conceive a stunning photomontage.

Every occasion of suited to this Indian jewelry designs either it is for an extensive ceremony or for regular usage. Fashionable and jewelry imitations that can be possible online with a best reasonable price which is best important part of Indian 18 and 22 Karat Gold Plated Fashion Jewelry at BrassAvenue.com.

Among popular city in India Jaipur, India is the perfect place to buy raw and rough gemstone jewelry which great encouraging to Handmade fashion costume and imitation Jewelry.

To Manufacture fabulous gemstone is required raw and rough gemstone which is authentic and unique. One Bing thing about gemstone is that they are pretty repellent to such things as marks from will forever preserve their elegance and beauty.

Getting wholesale gemstone jewelry has been made quite comfortable Nowadays by Brassavenue. Before you, however, rush out and buy rough gemstones, you might want to take some basic tips on how to buy rough gemstones Jewellery perfectly.

Brass Jewelry is very popular specially with 18K Gold Plated vermeil Jewelry in non expensive durable metals.

1. Always prefer Authentic Dealer, prefer manufacturer.

To get good quality rough gemstone you always need to deal with Authentic Dealer. It is easier to find yourself with unknown sellers in this uncut open market. So better to make the purchase from manufacturers who are recognized, authorized, trained and most importantly trusted. If you feel uncertain, request a trusted jeweler or appraiser for a reference.

2. Always Ready to Negotiate.

Though you'll yet remain subordinate to market standards, there is unquestionably scope for negotiation in the rough gemstone Jewelry market, specially if your quantities are large. Nevermore compensate for the asking cost, but master to hold your negotiations right and inside a genuine business range.

3. Buy Online from Trustworthy Dealers

In the Web world, you can find numbers of Cabochon, Faceted and Raw or rough gemstone Jewelry merchants who are providing online shopping for this and it is easy to access, valuable and quickest method to get. Preferably, find wholesalers who give fair return policies, autonomous assessment methods and indeed escrow payments that depend on your own experimenting with an appraiser what you want.

4. Make an appraiser including you.

Don't be hesitant to obtain special help by renting an appraiser for a some moments to guide you when creating a precious stone investment. Notwithstanding the cost, you could twist up preserving yourself numerous of bucks in the extended period.

5. Take in consideration calculating Additional Expense of Shipping, handling Insurance and Import Customs Duty or VAT in your country. Good Jewelry companies dont make profit on all these and sometime subsidies on larger order. Best Jewelry Deals you'll always find at http://www.brassavenue.com

6. Worldwide Shipping

Your online wholesale Jewelry supplier must have policy to ship to your country. Most manufacturers and Exporters of Artificial or Fashion Jewelry are shipping out to major Countries like USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, entire Europe and many other major countries.

After all Its good choice to Buy from Direct Manufacturer of Rough Gemstone Jewelry India- Fashion Costume & Imitation Jewellery from Indian manufacturer which is Brassavenue.com from Jaipur.

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The latest trend of Rough and Raw gemstone jewelry is low in price and gives highest profit to our customers. It is one of the most profitable wholesale jewelry to resale as each piece is unique. There are many popular rough gemstones like Apatite raw gemstone in blue color.

Visit our Wholesale raw gemstone Fashion Jewelry India- Brass Avenue photo catalog on Pinterest."Brass Avenue" is based in Jaipur India making Designer Costume gemstone jewelry is one of most popular Handmade Indian Brass jewelry supply store. Best quality and value prices for Fashion Jewelry from India. Each Jewelery image shows true quality of our Wholesale Fashion jewelry.

Brass Jewelry: Brass is an Alloy of Copper and Zinc mixed in right proportions to make the metal similar to color of Gold. Brass and rough gemstone Fashion Jewelry is skin friendly and much cheaper than precious Metal Jewelry. Its more fashionable and can be used for casual wear and as day to day jewelry. We make a vast selection of Wholesale brass jewelry from India which our customers love worldwide.

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